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The Bone Messages of Francis St. James

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After Francis St. James inadvertently created a vortex at the end of TD+21, he left the Due Return immediately before its transition to TD+22, and made his way to the final island in the magnetic sea, where he lived (and may continue to live) out his life in peaceful contemplation amongst that island’s organo-mechanical fauna. Due to the nature of the magnetic sea, as well as Francis’ continued presence on the island—he being the ‘trigger’ of the vortex—the vortex persists in the form of a semi-permanent drop box—from which the ship manages to receive messages written on bone. Occasional searches of the ship reveal bones not only from eras since St. James’ time, but some apparently before it as well.

Bone found by Myra Penelope amidst wreckage of ship.
Message: “The mobius is the phoenix.”

Bone handed to Cadmus Junior by a raven.
Message: “I am no prophet and this is no bone.”

Bone brought aboard by first chaplain.
Message: “In Delphi time flows everyway.”

Bone found in belly of fish
Message: “It is no more surprising to be born twice than born once.”

Bone given to Anteas Rowe by Reginald Cadaver
Message: “Do you return? Do you return to the return?”

Bone is a gift to Cada Blue from Bernadoni
Message: “Run faster.”

Bone found clutched in Elena Sunshine’s hands following weirdness of 16. Quickly discovered and confiscated by chaplain.
Message: “I am Francis St. James.”

Bone found in pile of Zincovovich’s ‘used’ bodes. No idea why anyone was poking through said pile in the first place, but presumable their reasons were sound.
Message: “There is no time and that is forever.”

Bone materialized by death of Marcus Glasikis. Perhaps accompanied by large animal organ in some sort of sealed container.
Message: “They carry time looped so riverwise.”
Source: Robert Graves

Bone mixed in with eaten remains of Sincerity Blue and discovered when Elena Sunshine is caught in the midst of returning for a midnight snack.
Message: “At our Omphalos you can shake your hand.”

Bone found by Teddy Hubble III and Sadie Sadie, whilst exploring a nearby cave.
Message: “Thou shalt make 50 loops.”

The bone was a part of the shared dream, that remained behind when all awoke
Message: “Our dream is ever waking.”