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Unattributed Conversation Extract from TD+22, 3

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Crimean Peninsula, somewhere to the northeast of Svestapol

July 16, 1855

Right around noon

a. This is no longer fun, officially.

b. If this’s ever fun, you got a funny idea of fun, babe.

a. Kinda weird, you calling me babe, being a) a girl and b) my mom’s age and c) me also being a girl who is probably going to object to be characterized in such a way.

b. Yeah, well, what you gonna do? What with you having these, these . . . ideas about fun that have nothing to do with actual fun. And that you drew this, like, line, right ‘bout now, where we crossed into not fun based on what? Dust saturation? Too much of that vodka shit?

a. No such thing as too much of that, like you got any cause to say any kind of words along those lines, no such thing. Doesn’t have that weird perfumy thing going on like the Rot. Can’t get too much of that.

b. Just need it for sleeping, is all I need it for. You don’t see me drinking during the day now, do you? With that sneaky creaky flask of yours you don’t see much. Not by this time of day.

a. You need it to sleep. I need it to keep the fun going. ‘Cept it doesn’t seem to work anymore, right?

b. Right.

c. He is alive and I can hear him. He is alive.

a. Hey there Anteas. What’s going down in loony town?

c. Alive he is calling to us.

a. Yeah that’s right. Speak that crazy flow.

b. Don’t wind him up babe. That shit is just creepy that he’s saying. Don’t want any part of that.

a. Shit, Sin, you just scared you gonna end up like him someday. That senility, it’ll get us all it will.

c. Watermelon, squirrel cheese.

a.. What the fuck, dude?

b. Marcus said it and he’s right. I get like that, might as well shoot me.

a. Come on. Doesn’t seem like he’s all that bad off. Not compared to the rest of us. Least he don’t know about how we’re all, you know, totally screwed. On top of not having fun.

b. So you’re just hunky dory with the totally screwed bit, s’long as the good times keep a-rolling?

a. Pretty much fucking-A right there, grandma.

b. S’lucky I like your mom, babe, or I would be lunging at you right now.

a. Hell, Sin, you ain’t lunged in years. Bet you don’t even remember how.

c. You can hear him can you hear him?

a. Maybe that is a little creepy.

b. Right? And don’t tempt me babe. I will go straight up horizontal to the ground with my lunging. Horizontal.

a. Sure.

c. Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Swive me sideways.

a. Dude, enough.

c. . . .

b. Now he’s crying. Nice.

a. Shit, Anteas. Anteas.

c. . . .

b. . . .

a. I’m sorry man. Tell me more about the cheese.

c. . . .

b. Think it’s too late for that babe. Instant karma’s what that is right there. Call me grandma, will you?

a. Sorry to you too. Sorry all over the place like that one guy said in Cadmus’s movie.

b. No nevermind to me babe. Anteas’s the one who needs it.

c. He calls to the bones.

a. Seems like he’s feeling better.

c. Calling calling the bones call to us all from the spiral in the center where the beaded man is running running and calling and the ship is the ship is the ship is everywhere . . .

b. Take care Anteas.

a. Lates.

b. . . .

a. So anyway, have I mentioned that I’ve stopped having fun?