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Helseth Specimens

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Helseth Arborioum, formerly Vero Helseth, was born in The Seed Bank of TD+9, Norway 2014, and departed The Due Return in TD+11 at the age of 19. Helseth entered an alternate vortex, the only alternate vortex that has ever been recorded by the crew, and entered through the same vortex that The Due Return entered in TD+28, nearly 150 human years later.
This bending of time proved that the Space/Time’s The Due Return were traveling through were inter-related, just as Dahlia Sunshine predicted, and landed both Helseth and a future Due Return in the Celtic Sea in 2010 (Earth Time).
During her time in The Seed Bank and on Sherkin Island, Helseth modified hundreds of edible organisms, many of which are housed in this lab. These organisms are known as Helseth’s Specimens. Food, yes. But, how do we say this, um...last-resort food.