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Flog is an edible substance created by Wilderness Banks and Reverend Wilderness in TD+30 known as “The Belly of the Machine”.

Wilderness Banks was born Richard O’Shea in 1992 E.A.D. to Geoffrey O’Shea and Madeline Brighton-O’Shea in Blarney, Co Cork, Ireland. O’Shea attended Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, a secondary school in the town he grew up in. O’Shea’s interest in science, and most specifically alternative forms of food production, led him to the invention of a biomass fired cooking stove for developing countries. That invention won O’Shea the Top Young Scientist Award in 2010 E.A.D.

Days after winning his award, O’Shea was approached by Reverend Wilderness of The P.C.A. Due Return. The Due Return was in T.D. +29, stationed on Sherkin Island, just off the coast of Baltimore in southern Ireland. Wilderness heard about O’Shea’s accomplishment through Matt Stephens, owner of the Jolly Roger Tavern, a drinking hole Wilderness became a regular at.

After a now-famous conversation with Wilderness, O’Shea agreed to join The Due Return’s crew and begin extensive research of the human eye, and most specifically outputting photons as nutrional beams from the optical nerve. Upon arrival, Captain Reingold gave O’Shea his new name - Wilderness Banks - in recognition of the mentorship that had been initiated.

Wilderness Banks and Reverend Wilderness together conducted thousands of nasolacrimal duct modification surgeries in Baltimore, Co Cork, Ireland. During this time, Wilderness Banks also began developing a Taste-Manipulation device that allowed human intention to be translated through light beams into foods.

The Due Return departed T.D. +29 and entered T.D. +30 a year after Wilderness Banks joined the crew. The research performed by Rev. Wilderness and Wilderness Banks proved to be quite important in T.D. +30, known as “The Belly of the Machine”, as The P.C.A. Due Return found itself floating inside the stomach of a giant Organi-Mech in Plateron Orbit, D.D.E. 19-108, offset from Blue-Hue Scale.

The conditions of T.D. +30 were the worst conditions The Due Return had yet come across. But through the power of photon emissions, Flog was created; a sloppy and disgusting substance derived from vegetable oils and hydrogen fuel.

WIlderness Banks took over complete operation of Beaming Nutrition research in T.D. +31, as The Reverend passed away days after landing. Wilderness Banks is currently married to Myra Penelope Sunshine, and together they are expecting their first child sometime during the Rise of the Third Moon.