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The Stahphield is a single intelligent organism that hangs around the landing spot of The Due Return. Each limb of The Stahphield can speak and communicate through the different frequency of photon-transmisions they emit. The photons in the Stahphield are, unfortunately, poisonous and cannot be absorbed by modified nasolacrimal ducts. Instead, the organism, its limbs, and its emmitting light acts more like a weed or a leach. The crew of The Due Return has not found a simple way to get rid of these poisonous buggers without an exponential amount almost instantaneously growing back. Instead, the crew has decided to leave them be and utilize the Heeks as the sole source of clean, absorbable photons.

It is to be noted that Heeks do not seem to survive in areas that are densely populated by the Stahphield. The two foreign organisms simply do not seem to like each other.