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History of Children

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Some would say that The Due Return, and its many dimensional-hoppings, is no place for children. Dangerous galactic winds, unpredictable living conditions, hordes of foreign organisms, and of course the ripping of time and space make life on The Due Return a place where children, one would think, have little chance to survive.
Luckily, for the sake of continuing heritage and tradition on the ship, this is not true, and in fact the ship has been quite welcoming and enjoyable for the wee ones. Whether it was Cadmus Jr. and Laffy Rysdale telling ghost stories into the early mornings of animal worship, or Anteas Rowe and Isadora Sunshine playing hide ‘n seek in The Doomsday Vault, or Canute Glasikis and Juniper Sunshine learning about humanity and the dimensions of consciousness through the repetitions of time and space stuck in a loop - The Due Return has offered quite exciting opportunities for children to experience life as children do: fully and always.
This bunk has acted as a children’s bunk through the ship’s history, but currently is home to Thomas Reingold who, in respect, has left the bunk as it would be for the next generation of Due Return children.