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Letter to Lorenzi Volpe from R. Greta Constantis IV, First Chaplain of the Ship

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Dear Lorenzi,
It was such a pleasure to meet you the other evening in the harbour. Our conversation of that night has been replaying on a loop inside my mind ever since. As I told you then, I often come down to watch the ships and imagine hopping aboard one, sailing off to parts unknown and starting a new life. But as I’m sure you can imagine even after so short a time here, such a thing is not possible in this world of conservation and regulation. That is to say, it wasn’t until now.
Your accounts of life upon the Due Return, the many worlds you have journeyed through—who could have thought such a thing was possible!
My friend, for friend I hope I can call you, you have sparked a fire within me. The kindling was there and ready, but these past many years, lifetimes even, there was no flame to be found to light the pyre.
Most are content with their lot here, and with good reason. Our lives are in many ways rich. Rich in knowledge and in community. There is order and we practice equality and equanimity. The basic needs of all are met, and no one wants for any material thing. And yet, the itch of dissatisfaction is my constant companion. I live well, true, but who am I? The fourth Generation of the same person! My second and third Generation predecessors struggled with this same question of identity. How could I not then struggle having inherited the very question from them, a seed already planted and sprouting at the dawn of my own consciousness?!
And now you have presented me with a gift I never dared to hope for: the chance to cast off this hand-me-down life and create a life of my own!
So here friend is my proposition: I would life to offer my services as Chaplain aboard the Due Return, to offer myself as a resource for moral and spiritual guidance for the Captain and crew. I have for many Generations been a religious scholar, and have always been devout in the proscribed practices of mindfulness. If you would so kind as to recommend me to your Captain and set up an interview, I would be most thankful and deeply in your debt.

Sincerely and hopefully,
R. Greta Constantis IV
P.S. I am eager to take a look at your maps, perhaps we could arrange a time to meet so I can see them?