The Three Mothers: A Creation Story from the Xaxâm* People |



The Three Mothers: A Creation Story from the Xaxâm* People

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Translation by Îma Kashû’ax tuv Lev, Xaxâm Council of Elders
The Three Mothers
In the beginning there were the Three Mothers, and the whole universe was theirs. But they were alone, because they had no children.
At that time the universe was wild and vast, and so the Three Mothers decided first to build a home for their children to live in. They took the raw fabric of the universe and from it they wove the basket of the world, land and sky, seas and mountains.
Then the First Mother took a handful of earth* and used it to form the bodies of the children and make them strong.
The Second Mother plucked a star from the heavens to put light in the children’s eyes, for them to see and to understand.
And the Third Mother took her own heart and put it in their chests, so that they would know always the love the Three Mothers had for them and share that love with one another.
The children grew and had children of their own, and those children had children, and so on for many generations. And to this day the Three Mothers watch over them all.

*The Xaxâm are a pacific, matriarchal society who inhabit the small island of Mikdâsh l’Pashtût, located in the Enfini Sea about 560 miles off the northeast coast of the Southern Continent. They were as yet unknown at the time of the Great Collapse, seemingly because the few visitors who discovered the Island by chance chose to remain there.
Mikdâsh l’Pashtût was one of the few places unafflicted by the Great Collapse, apparently because the Xaxâm tradition, maintained over the course several millennia, is one of living in harmony with the natural world.
Prior to the Consensus, the Xaxâm Council of Elders (composed entirely of women) established contact with the First Universal Congress—to which it proved an unparalleled resource. The Council has since been a guiding voice in the development of the United Council for Conscious and Compassionate Conduct curriculum.
It is of interest to note that the Xaxâm, as their history had proven them to be sufficiently responsible were the only people to receive Special Dispensation and are today the only remaining line of Breeders.