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The Rolex Dream of TH3

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During his years at Sherkin Island, Teddy Hubble 3 developed a strange fondness for the corporate and commercial development that had covered the Western world--his leaps across time allowing him to see an eighty-year growth occur in under a decade of his own life. He frequently referred to incorporated peoples as "Vico's sullen giants" or "Bucky's GRUNCHers", but did not seem to use either phrase with affection or malice.

Part of TH3's interest led to some limited attempts at creating copy for magazine and television ads, directed toward product lines like Coca-Cola:

Soda for the masses; Coca-Cola for your friends.


Swinging it into order with Swingline.

and Old Spice:

When you're tired of smelling like mother, Old Spice compares to no other.

The most outstanding of TH3's efforts, though, are a number of slogans for Rolex. A select few are here listed:

  • First there was the firmament, then there was Rolex.
  • Against time… between space… with Rolex.
  • Omnipresent, omnipotent, eloquent, and brief: Rolex.
  • Distance equals rate times Rolex.
  • Michelson, Einstein, and Heidegger walked into a bar; Rolex was already there.
  • Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. Ask for Rolex.
  • For infant bees is royal jelly; for baby man is Rolex.