The Arrival of the Due Return, as later recounted by Drascher Faun |



The Arrival of the Due Return, as later recounted by Drascher Faun

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Cadmus O’Hare and Drascher Faun lay half-exposed on the beaches of Prism Lake on a level 8 reflective afternoon, baking their skin like fried Papursa and touching tips of tongues. Cadmus had just completed the first run-through of a future-plan that he was prepping his myelinated axons to coordinate with, sharing the blueprints with Drascher as sailships rippled the lake in front of them.

“We take birth” he said, “And we give him my name. We take him, and we give him a new life unrecognizable. He becomes the great, and the three of us sail away to the dark side of Calulade.”

“The sounds exact my muscle”, Faun replied.

In the Goddess Suite in the West Tower of Enchanting Meadows 25 miles east, Vortexia peered deeply into thought and caught a wave down the lake towards the vision of her secret lover, Cadmus, sharing blueprints of the future to his lover Faun. Constructed in her vision, but felt deep in her heart, the nerves of Vortexia’s vessel began to glow and directed her to react.

Opening her eyes, now glowing too, Vortexia half-glided in her flow towards her dresser and reached for the tear-drop glass container holding pre-embedded myelinated axons blueprinted weeks prior in the first of two rages.

The second, her fingers pinching the airtight cork, exposing the glass neck and extending hers, and swallowing the future.

On the beach of Prism Lake, O’Hare and Faun twinkling romance into each other’s mouths, the high-reflective light bouncing off Verona’s surface, when suddenly the sound of metallic wind sprayed overhead in a tight spiral, where light bent around the center point of a swirling sky gave way to a blackened circle widening with the seconds. O’Hare knew what had just occured.

“Vortexia”, he said. Faun grabbed her muscle’s face and pulled him toward her body and kissed him, re-focusing his energy towards the developed blueprints of the axons.

Vortexia’s axons, her winding twists of time on time, did in her body exactly what she was warned: terminating in layer 4 of her anti-matter. The result: the core of her body became a vessel for the gravity of the universe to coil outward from. In her Goddess Suite: there existed nothing and everything all at once, and only the memory of Vortexia remained.

Through the black center of the vortex above Prism Lake fluttered a giant wooden ship doused with sails. The ship let the air softly land them on Prism Lake, only a few hundred yards from where Cadmus and O’hare lay.

It is debated still, to this day, whether the raging actions of Vortexia and the event in the sky above Prism Lake were related. Common sense says of course. How the events are related is up for the imagination, certainly occurring simultaneously, yet miles apart.

Cadmus O’Hare and Drascher Faun stared up at the spiral in the sky as they walked down the beach towards the ship. Drascher considered the moment novel, an occurrence meant for observation and ignorance and distance. O’Hare, on the other hand, felt purpose.

“This is our world. This is the blueprint.”

“O’Hare! What the hell, O’Hare, this ain’t no world my muscle, this aint no new life!”

“This is the blueprint sweetie.”

“Oh damnit, Cadmus!”

They arrived at the vessel and read its name on the side - “P.C.A. Due Return” - in carved letters spanning the side of the ship.