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The O'Hare Memorial Laboratory

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Cadmus O’Hare and his inaugural brilliance carried through his bloodline and touched many Cadmus’es to follow. Originally envisioned by O’Hare in TD+3 - most importantly functional for the housing of Myra Penelope’s data-bank bacteria at the time - this laboratory gave way to many significant progress of the centuries. Upon taking his own life, Cadums left a suicide note that specifically asked for the laboratory to carry his name and his family’s legacy.
The scientific reputation of the Due Return varies from community to community, some calling it the centerfold of modern science and others labeling its researches variably as science fiction, fraud, and lunatic idiocy. Regardless, several areas of special interest have been pioneered by former crew, and this archive notes especially the contributions of Zincovovich I, Reverend Wilderness, and Wilderness Banks. Introductory summaries follow.