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TD+27: Biome Neuro Norb

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Audio introduction to TD+27

TD+27, known as Biome Neuro Norb, was home to The Due Return for 8 years. Biome Neuro Norb was created in 3056 AD after a thousand year journey across The Milky Way towards the edge of The Perseus Arm.

Biome Neuro Norb was created entirely out of the trash that was compiled during the thousand year journey. Through a machine known as “The Baby Harvest”, Evo Mechanics were capable of extracting the God Genome from newborn babies and inject that God Genome into any inadamant object - chicken wire, newspaper, candy bar wrappers, etc. - and turn those objects into oxygen-emitting lifeforms.

Many scientists - the aforementioned Evo Mechanics - lived and participated in the developement of Biome Neuro Norb. Three of those scientists boarded The Due Return upon its departure; Dr. Meethu, Dr. Irf, and Johnny Van Essen.

Captain Glasikis died at Biome in the the final hours before departure, eaten alive by a Galow Monkey.