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Calulade is a satellite moon of Verona, a gaseous and uninhabited planet rotating around Surya, a sun positioned in the Balign Arm of The Black Eye Galaxy. The Due Return landed in Calulade on the shore of Prism Lake 15 miles west of Ghile - Calulade’s 2nd largest civilized mass - and 10 miles east of Spiralious Twist - a subdivision created by architect Madonni Gusto.

The recorded year in Ghile was 3K4, and The Due Return remained in Ghile until 3K20, 16 Calulade years equalling 10 Earth years. Calulade is 13,546 Huffs in diameter, which can be converted to 1,200 miles, roughly 1/7th the size of Earth’s Moon.

Calulade consists of three major civilized areas inhabited by humans - Gorlik, Ghile, and Shee.