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Ghile, view from Prism Lake

Ghile is Calulade’s 2nd largest city. Home to Bittytown, Enchanting Meadows, Blark Park, Relic, and Gran Gusto.

Ghile sits beside Prism Lake, Calulade’s largest body of fresh water. Two-thirds of Ghile is surrounded by man-made portions of Prism Lake.

45 miles west of Ghile is Spiralious Twist, the contemporary city birthed from the mastermind Madonni Gusto, the same philanthropist/architect behind Gran Gusto.

Ghile was built on the precise line where Verona rises. This was for both spiritual reasons and practical. Each morning, the light that reflects from Surya (sun) off the surface of Verona is used to power the city of Ghile.