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Enchanting Meadows, Ghile

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Enchanting Meadows, Ghile is the newest subdivision on the Northwest side of Ghile. Enchanting Meadows is home to 500,000 residents, all housed within Enchanting Meadows community. Enchanting Meadows was created by the visionary Simone after a long and heated high-court battle with rival Gusto.

Enchanting Meadows is an all-encompassing living situation, with museums, retail, feeding stations, virtual ports, local government, residential and travel accommodations, rec centers, spas, bars, etc.

Enchanting Meadows consists of East and West towers. The West Tower is known as The Nib Tower, and The East Tower is known as the Kolpias Tower.

The Nib Tower is 100 stories tall, and houses 120,000 suites, 45 different feeding stations, 100 gyms, 10 full rec. centers, indoor shopping mall with 300 shoppes, and water park,. Each suite is equipped with its own virtual port. Sitting atop the West Tower is the housing and offices for Enchanting Meadows local government. Large statues of siblings Vortexia Nib and Venetio Nib corner the Western face of the tower, while two statues of Calulade guards face Prism Lake.

Kolpias Tower is home to another 300,000 smaller apartments and tourist rooms. Accommodations are not as robust as in The Nib Tower, and housing is much smaller. The tower does have it’s own Skyport, and train to the Nib Tower and it’s accommodations. Three wrap-around parks give Kolpias residents a place to sunbath, garden, and relax. Kolpias Tower does have its own gyms and rec center, some shopping and a few smaller feeding stations. There is one large facility with 150 virtual ports, all of which are occupied nearly 100% of the time.