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Gran Gusto

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Gran Gusto was envisioned and created by architectural mastermind and world leader Madonni Gusto before Ghile became Ghile. Gran Gusto settled on what is now the northwest quadrant of Ghile, only a few miles from Enchanting Meadows. At the time of its creation, Gran Gusto was the only community on Prism Lake. It’s contemporary beauty and infusion of land with structure made Gran Gusto an unbelievable success, while still maintaining a balanced existence with nature.

With the construction of Enchanting Meadows, created by Gusto’s rival Simone, Gusto began construction of his newest Mega-Community known as Spiralious Twist, located 45 miles west on Prism lake in a secluded area.

Gran Gusto, at its peak, was home to 75% of Calulade’s richest .05%. The community was divided into three islands - ‘If’, ‘Why’, and ‘Maybe’ - and prided itself in being a community that appreciated symbiosis with nature and basic being. Once arriving to Gran Gusto, residents and visitors had to remove all communication devices and information chips for the duration of their stay. As well, Gran Gusto was adamantly against Virtual Ports and feeding stations of any kind.

The largest population of Gran Gusto occurred 5 years after its creation, with around 150,000 residents. Today, the population has dropped to merely 30,000, nearly all of whom belong to a mysterious religious sect called The Church of Natura headed by longtime Gusto friend, Big Jet Airplane.