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Discovery of Norwegian Rot

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Substance: Polychronic Gusto Liquid, later named Norwegian Rot

Source: Myra Penelope’s Ear Drum

The Discoverer: Madonni Gusto

Story of Discovery: Madonni Gusto and Myra Penelope sat at his home inside his subdivision, Spiralious Twist, discussing life expectancy issues while sipping tea made from the weed Prosperia, when all-of-a-sudden Myra Penelope collapsed to the ground and began convulsing. Gusto, the dramatic mouse he was, nervously pranced around on his tippy-toes speaking outloud to himself a monologue of internal thoughts and nonsense. After calming himself down, Gusto lifted the side of Myra’s face and her ear was excreting a thick blue liquid. The health of Myra was proven to be unscathed, while the liquid was jarred and later consumed by Gusto to reveal severe properties of psychedelia where time seemed to trip over itself and produce multiple timelines of existence.