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Wombly Bat Owned by Laffy Rysdale

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Though Laffy carried this item throughout much of her adult life, it was predominantly used in her mid-twenties. Furry animal life, wombly and otherwise, was difficult to come by at this time, which much-suited Laffy's humane style of play. Rather than slam small creatures into the swollen seas of TD+6, Laffy preferred hitting rubber balls and stale biscuits from the deck of the ship, measuring the distance of her projectiles by counting the snaps of her thumb until the projectile of choice hit the waters below.

Ship medical records also recall the bat's--and Laffy's--involvement in a minor medical incident in TD+5. Young Laffy had convinced Cadmus O'Hare Faun II to give up his breakfast cupcake for a ball and his head for a tee. Though even at that young age she demonstrated a great proficiency for the rules and play of wombly, the addition of a blindfold nearly proved fatal for the younger Cadmus. Laffy's blind swing of the wombly bat left her accomplice with a slight concussion and subsequently a mild stutter for several months following the incident, though the medical records show no further trauma from the incident.