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Engine Blowout in TD+8

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In the Land of The Lotus Eaters, in the 8th era of The Due Return’s journey, a transition frequency waved and radiated through the thicker air, a world becoming anew becoming movement becoming stoppage and becoming a fresh blast-off. Aging Cadmus, aging Rysdale, aging Drascher Faun, having boarded in their 20’s now crumbling in their 70’s, 8 eras passed and no more closer to a home worthy of calling home.
The frequency acted like amorphous goo creeping in-between cracks split through the invisible energies of the ship’s first transition, and into the genoscopic rooters and pillared pivets and spinning fusion reactors of the right/white engine coil managed, at the time, by a not-completely-altogether Baron Rowe, suffering himself from the absorption of the same frequent goo.
And only a few human-months into their landing, the engine coil exploded into five thousand pieces, and took with it a large portion of the ship.
Only the heroic and noble, the men who feast on the integrities of being alive, the responsibilities of being a leader, the honor of being Captain - Captain Banks - old and tired and dying of old age and radiation poisoning and willing to lay his head, delayed the laying of his head to perform the most noble: seven bold years of relentless work on the coil, self-taught on the specifics of dimensional travel, using brittle hands and sharp brain to do what no other crew member could, at the time; fix the damn engine in order to get the hell outta that place.
And so he worked. And on his last breath, Captain Banks gave the ship a new life. Handing the vessel off to a new generation, the second generation, the Bitty Blue’s and Cadmus Junior’s and the Jessica Rowe’s, like pulling his own spirit from the depths of his esophagus and releasing it into the fibers of a frequency now shifted, for the future, for the destiny, for the legacy of The Due Return.