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Denmark's Elk Festival

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[Article excerpted from news report by Christopher Johnson, International Geographer.]

If you are going to be in Denmark this month don’t miss the Elk festival. It is the largest Elk-centered festival of the year. Thousands of Elkie’s will descend upon Copenhagen for four weeks of Elk bleating, moonlit baths and salads. It is also the largest moss cook-off of the year bringing to the city not only Elkie’s but acolytes of the deer, gazelle and yak as well.

Denmark has been the center of Elk worship since 1644 when the king of Denmark and his anterlered troops expelled the German wolves from their land with a great hollow clash and push of their horns; this scene, known as a Mystery play, will be enacted each Sunday throughout June in front of the Elk’s lodge which lies roughly in the center of the town. More than one hundred antler jousts are scheduled for the month as well as daily cross-country dashes through the area’s surrounding woodlands so, if you’re looking for excitement of the four-legged herbivore variety Copenhagen is you destination but, book your travel early or expect long daily commutes to and from the festivities.