The Journal of the Second Chaplain, TD+13 |



The Journal of the Second Chaplain, TD+13

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My predecessor disappeared in what I presume from my inherited memory to be a dimensional shift. I am for the first time fully, independently me. I look forward to meeting the crew with whom I already feel so familiar. Out I go!

The crew looks at me strangely. They cannot seem to fathom how I could have become younger in the six months since the Chaplain was last seen. Could it be that they do not know that I am the next generation?
Indeed, that may be the case. Though I am sure they know of Acquiescence—my predecessor did once summarize it for them—they have never known someone before and after.
I will write them a letter introducing myself and explaining my predecessor’s departure.

They seem to have responded well to the letter. Or at the least they have read it and accepted its truth. I am received warmly, but with a little distance.
The more pressing matter at hand is the death of Captain Cada Blue and the immediate need of a replacement Captain.
While the logistics of the game to be played for the Captaincy are decided, I have taken it upon myself to explore Estanzione. Apparently the people of this place have extensive knowledge of what they term ‘poly-chron’ vessels, and had been awaiting the Due Return’s arrival. I am most curious to deepen my own knowledge of the nature of the ship and their methods of tracking such vessels.

I have met today a most interesting woman by the name of Professor Rodnica MacIndor. I am sure she will be a most helpful to me in directing my studies.

Professor MacIndor has turned out to be an unparalleled resource for my investigations. She is a deeply knowledgeable woman, and we have enjoyed a great many hours discussing the nature of time and the human experience of it. What is more, she has generously granted me access to Estanzione’s docking records. The mathematics used in the prediction of arrivals is most fascinating, and I have a feeling that they underlie some deeper mystery.

Two men, Teddy Hubble and this ‘Italian,’ Bernadoni, have apparently joined the crew, though by whose authority I know not. Since their arrival the games for the Captaincy have begun. And I must admit that ferocity and intensity of them unsettles me.