Audio testimony of Anteas Rowe regarding the events of TD+16 |



Audio testimony of Anteas Rowe regarding the events of TD+16

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written transcription follows:
I was in the control room when it started. Should be able to remember why. Probably Jessica wanted me to check the fucking spiritual health levels. Waste of fucking time, you ask me but no one does. And sure, I was maybe a little drunk. Nothing excessive, right? Things had been tense, staring contests and all that shit. Needed to take the edge off. Not like it had anything to do with all the shit that happened next. Fuck no. I mean shit - look at me now - sober as a polar bear in an ant farm. So yeah, I was a little drunk and I may have faded out a bit, staring at all the pretty flashing lights and next thing I know I get this weird fucking feeling all over. Like you know what it’s like when you’re falling? The way your stomach gets all wobbly and loose and detached from the rest of you and it’s like the only part of you that you can feel? It was like that, except every single fucking cell in my body felt like that - like they were all falling in different directions and I could feel every fucking single one of them. It wasn’t like it hurt but it was the worst goddamn feeling I ever felt, you know? So that’s happening and it don’t stop for a long fucking time. And I’m just standing there in the control room, trying not to shit myself, wanting to sit down and not having any idea how to actually, you know, sit down. I look out the window and shit is just fucked. Like really fucked. Like it don’t translate into anything my brain can make sense of. Shapes and colors and lines and shit and none of them had any fucking thing to do with the shapes and colors and lines and shit that you see everyday. Hurt my brain looking at it, so I look down at NOMAD and the fucking lights are just going apeshit. Like doing shit they got no business doing. Sparks all over the place, knobs turning themselves, and this horrific fucking screech coming out of the intercom. I look up through the windows at the deck, and I’m pretty sure I see some guy I don’t know - long beard, ratty fucking clothes - running across it, almost like he was going in slow motion, like in one of those movies that Cadmus is always trying to get us to watch. That was fucking weird, so I look out beyond the ship again and fuck me sideways. Out there in whatever the fuck was out there I swear I see like hundreds, thousands, millions of ships. And not just ships. Our fucking ship. Like millions and millions of copies of our fucking ship just dancing around in that fucking nightmare. It was us for sure - no one else has a figurehead like that. So right, I’m just standing there, staring at all these, I don’t know, us’s, feeling like my body is flying apart and I don’t know how fucking long it lasts for. Then the ships out there start disappearing. Like stars kind of winking out in the morning, one by one. It was slow at first but then it started getting faster and faster and then there was just one other ship out there and it was coming right fucking at us, right fucking at me and I was staring that goddamn figurehead right in the eye I was and then I don’t know what happened because everything went away. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I fucking know what I fucking saw and tell Jessica I’ll clean up the puke in the control room as soon as I get three or twenty drinks in me because after shit like that a man needs a fucking drink