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Teddy Hubble 3

Teddy Hubble 3, born Neil Pendergrass, began his journey with the Due Return at the age of nine. His parentage is unknown, having been discovered in the depths of Yosemite National Forest by Park Ranger Ralph H. Anderson, who placed him in the care of Sadie Sadie. TH3 was discovered by Ralph cowering under a tree, upper left arm bleeding and embedded with splinters—the result of lightning striking a nearby tree during the previous nights’ storm. (TH3 would become extremely pensive following loud noises and flashes of light for the remainder of his life, even through the point at which the ship is docked in TD+31.) At the time, all the boy could report was his name the scout troop number on his ripped, bloodied, and over-sized Boy Scouts uniform.

During his time with Ralph, TH3 was taught to carry out rudimentary tasks in the production of “narrie rotty”, or Norwegian Rot as he later discovered it was known on the ship. Otherwise, his time had been spent wandering through the forests, holding quiet conversations with himself or nearby birds and trees and making small arrangements of pine cones, moss, and other forest detritus.

When the Due Return first arrived at Yosemite, the boy was thrilled with the opportunity to join the ship. He quickly tore the Scout patch from his tattered uniform and began to attach it to a crew uniform. When Captain Glasikis saw what the boy was up to, he reportedly interrupted him, asking, “Now what is this young man about with uniform so large for him?”, to which TH3 replied, “Captain, Teddy Hubble 3 is preparing his uniform so that Neal can be left alone to go about his business..”

Against the custom held on the Due Return, the young and self-named TH3 was permitted to drink Norwegian Rot. He became fascinated by the ship’s history, making his name a mostly-obvious and slightly prescient choice. Many of his adolescent hours were passed on the deck of the ship, smoking cigarettes, sipping Rot, and reading through the journals of former crew. After a seeming asthma attack at the age of 13, TH3 refrained from smoking except when working with power tools.

During the ship’s time at Biome Neuro Norb, TH3 experienced an apparently uneventful, though awkward and isolated journey through his teenage years. After reaching Sherkin Island, though, he seemed to have the first awakening of his life, spending much time drinking at local pubs and pursuing romantic affairs as they passed across his radar. His main interest remained history, though his idle wanderings in the woods as a child had perhaps patterned him against really devoting himself to any study seriously. He was able, though, to gather some imagery at the least which documented the Yosemite region during the time of the Due Return’s visit. By the time of the Due Return’s departure from Sherkin Island, TH3 was tired of idle consumption and static life, much preferring to be moving outward and onward within the relative safety of the ship.

TH3 could be said to have combined a surprising ambition with a near-total lack of direction, a charge of energy without location.

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